Friday, January 11, 2013

PART 2: Updated Makeup Collection & Storage - FACE

Hello fellow makeup lovers!

Today I will be sharing Part 2 of my updated makeup collection and storage. This post will showcase all makeup products that are found in my 5-drawer and 2-drawer Muji Acrylic Storage Units for my 'FACE'. This includes both high-end and drugstore foundations, concealers, face primers, pressed and mineral powders, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.

Before I begin, I would like to include the same disclaimer as I did within Part 1:
I would just like to mention that in no way am I creating this post to brag. I do acknowledge that I own more makeup than I'll ever need; however, I'm always on the lookout to try out new products. That being said, makeup is one of my hobbies and my collection has grown over the last two years. I did purchase the majority of the products that are in my makeup collection, and the rest was given to me as gifts from friends and family. I'm creating this post so that I could share with you how I store most of my makeup, and I'm hoping that this post will help those who would like new storage ideas for their makeup collection.

So without further ado, here is PART 2 in my updated makeup collection & Muji storage!

  My Makeup Collection - FACE:

Face Products Collection Overview
Storage: one 2-drawer and one 5-drawer Muji Acrylic Storage Unit
 I keep my Marcelle & Bourjois Face products on the top of the storage unit for easy access.
Everyday Makeup Drawer
Brands: MAC, E.L.F., Urban Decay, Maybelline, Bare Minerals, Smashbox,
Kat Von D, MUFE.

Foundation & Concealers
Brands: E.L.F., Bare Minerals, NARS, Yves Rocher, it, Benefit.

MAC Blush Collection

High End Blushes
Brands: Sephora, NARS, Tarte, Pandora's Box, Bare Minerals, Bailey.

Drugstore Blushes
Brands: E.L.F.

High End Highlighters
Brands: Sephora, Bare Minerals, Lorac, Laura Mercier.

Brands: E.L.F., NARS, Too Faced, Benefit.

  Makeup Brushes:
These are all my makeup brushes and two perfumes that I currently use. I keep all my clean brushes in a see-through glass fish-like bowl, and all my used brushes in a small elf brush holder.

Brands: SPAressource, E.L.F., MAC, My Glam
, Kenzo, Victoria Beckham

Visit the blog tomorrow for Part 3 and final part of my updated makeup collection and storage to see all my EYES makeup products!

Please feel free to link your makeup collections below, or mention any products that you would like for me to review in detail!


  1. wow girl! that is a ton of blushes!
    looks great!

    1. hehe I'm mostly a blush addict when it comes to makeup hehe. If ever you're looking for good quality and cheap blushes, go for E.L.F.!

  2. I love how you store your makeup! I've been wanting to get MUJI makeup storages but I'm waiting till I move. But this looks great! :) I have tons of blushes/bronzers too!! It's my addiction.. -_-

    xo - Sheila

    1. Thank you hun! I would order them soon if you're not going to move for a while because they often sell out and only restock once in a while.

      hehe those are my addictions as well!